Wow, is this exciting or what? Buying a house has got to be one of life’s biggest thrills – no matter if it’s your first or fiftieth. Sure, it’s a bit intimidating and it’s time-consuming and, yes, at times it can be frightening. But, in the end, it’s all worth it when you’re handed the keys to your home in Silicon Valley and you can move in and begin building memories.

We’ll shop carefully for this home. After all, this is more than just a place to store your belongings and park your weary body after a hard day’s work. It is where you might start a family, celebrate holidays and spend time with those you love most. If this is your retirement home, it is where you will live out the rest of your life, surrounded by all the things that make you happy.

Regardless of your motivation, buying a house – especially if it’s your first time – can also be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. There is a system – a step-by-step process — to take you from making the decision to purchase a home to the settlement table, with the least amount of frustration and fewer bumps in the road.

This system requires that you take no shortcuts; most of all, it demands that you go into the buying process armed with knowledge — which is exactly where we come in.

We have been assisting clients with buying homes for a long time, on a daily basis, so we naturally have a wealth of knowledge about the process. We believe it is our duty to share this knowledge with our clients. Once we do, will make a formidable team when we place that offer on your dream home.

We are going to ask you to put your emotions aside for a short time and treat the purchase of your house as a business deal. After all, for most buyers, their homes are their largest financial investment as well as a symbol of a life lived, a safe harbor, and dreams — both dampened and achieved.

Ready for the trip to your new home? Your first stop involves choosing your real estate team – what to look for and questions to ask.