Selling a Home

Selling a home in Silicon Valley isn’t at all the frightening, challenging or complex process most real estate agents would have you believe. In fact, if it turns out to be so, you’ve chosen the wrong agent. Let’s face it, we hire professionals to help us navigate seemingly complex processes about which we have little knowledge. We hire them so that these processes go smoothly and end with our best interests being served. We don’t hire them to bog us down in the minutiae, subjecting us to the stress of every little detail.

At least that’s how the ArignaTeam sees it. And, lives it.

From analyzing your home’s market value to marketing it to potential buyers, we take control of the situation, using our expertise to help you navigate and never, ever stress you out. In fact, we aim to make selling your Silicon Valley a truly pleasant and hassle-free experience.

    1. House Cleaning/Carpet Cleaning Service
      We know that an immaculately clean home will attract more potential buyers and sell quickly and for top dollar. We also know that our clients lead busy lives. Rather than lay the burden of a deep clean on you, we will bring in our cleaning team, at no expense to you. Your house will sparkle when they’re finished with it and you won’t have to lift a finger.
    2. Design Consultation and Home Staging
      We also have an accredited staging professional on our vendor’s list and we’ll hire her to tour your home and advise you of what they think should be done, via staging, to improve your chances for a quick, lucrative sale. With your permission, they will stage your home.

      The cost of this service is on us and saves you thousands of dollars while selling a home.

    3. Handyman Service 
      The ArignaTeam is happy to provide our listing clients with up to four hours of handyman service, free of charge. Our handyman will take care of all those little improvements that will help buyers perceive the home as well-maintained. Whether that means replacing or installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, strapping water heaters, fixing that drip in the bathtub or touching up paint, you, again, won’t lift a finger or open your wallet.
    4. General Home Inspection
      Are you tired of the freebies yet? We hope not, because we’d like to offer you a complimentary general home inspection. This limited, non-invasive procedure is exactly the same as the one the buyer will order. The difference is in the value of the one we provide our listing clients while selling a home.

      A pre-sale home inspection will alert you to the same items that the buyer’s inspector will find, only far earlier in the home sale process. This allows you to make repairs that you know the buyer or the lender will insist on, thus slowing down the process. The small stuff can be fixed by our handyman. Remember, to get the most amount of money possible for your Silicon Valley home, time is of the essence. The quicker it sells, the more money you’ll make.

    5. Custom Listing Book
      Your home will be featured in a custom listing book which will be left in the home for buyers to reference home features, a lot, utility and tax information, neighborhood benefits, schools, shopping, hospitals and other buyer benefits.
    1. Marketing
      Hey Gina and Amit, don’t all listing agents pay for marketing their listings? Well, no, not all do. In fact, what we like to call “list and pray” is a common tactic, especially among real estate agents who either lack a marketing budget or are too stingy to spend the money required. We, on the other hand, provide a full marketing package to all of our listing clients. This includes:
      • Professional High Quality Photos
        It’s the digital age and 90 percent of prospective homebuyers use the Internet first in their home search. Ocular studies have shown that potential buyers overwhelmingly look at a home’s photos before ever reading even one word of text. The importance of clear, compelling photographs cannot and should not be understated.
        The ArignaTeam not only uses a professional photographer to photograph our listings but one who specializes in residential photography. This, by the way, is another free service we are happy to offer our clients.
      • Professional Videos / Virtual Tour
        Social Media and video sharing websites are quite popular among all generations which makes video marketing critical to the successful sale of a home in Silicon Valley. We offer our listing clients the services of a professional videographer who specializes in residential videos. We’ll not only get the standard interior and exterior shots but aerial footage of the home and neighborhood as well. Buyers locally and internationally can experience the features and uniqueness of your home 24 hours a day. This service is part of our marketing plan and it’s complimentary.
      • Print High Quality Marketing Brochures/Flyers
        Our marketing plan includes professionally-designed and printed, high quality colored flyers highlighting the features of your home.
      • Online Marketing
        Our online marketing package includes paid Facebook advertisements as well as promoting your home on, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and many others. Your listing will appear on major residential brokerage sites such as Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Intero, Sotheby’s, RE/MAX, Century 21, Realty World, Sereno Group and many more. This will expose your home to thousands of potential buyers locally and internationally which could result in higher sales price when selling a home.
      • Neighborhood Promotion
        Sometimes neighbors know of someone who wants to live in their neighborhood. So, we’ll knock on doors and drop off flyers in your neighborhood and surrounding areas, promoting the features and benefits of your home.
    1. Exposure to Realtors and Open Houses
      Multiple Listing Service Exposure: We will submit your home to the MLS database, which is accessed every day by thousands of local real estate agents. We will promote your home to the public through open houses, held at your convenience.
    2. The lockbox
      An MLS Key Box on the door (or some other readily-reachable area of the exterior of the home) allows buyers’ real estate agents access to the home. This enhances convenience for buyers.
    3. Great Pricing from Preferred Service Providers
      Keller Williams has approximately 700 offices and 125,000 associates worldwide. Because of the high volume of homes bought and sold by Keller Williams, we are able to negotiate special pricing with many vendors. These vendors are familiar with the type of work necessary to bring a home to market in the most cost-effective way and the savings are passed on to you.
    4. Coordinating with Service Providers to have your Home ready
      No, you won’t need to schedule appointments and meet with these vendors. We value your time too much to subject you to that type of stress and inconvenience. We will not only meet with them but monitor their work as well. Yet another free service we are happy to offer our listing clients.

    Thinking of selling a home? Contact us.