Jollyman, Cupertino

Yes, the Jollyman neighborhood of Cupertino is a residential area, but it’s also packed with shopping, dining and entertainment options. And, if you work at Seagate, you may just be able to walk or ride your bike to work when you buy a home in this in-demand Cupertino neighborhood.


Schools in Jollyman, Cupertino

The Cupertino Union School District serves the public-school students who live in the Jollyman, Cupertino neighborhood. The district’s William Faria Elementary School, ranked 4th of California’s 5,621 public elementary schools, is in great demand.

The good news is that this is an alternative elementary school, meaning that, provided your home address is within the district’s boundaries, your child will be offered open enrollment at either one alternative school or one attendance area school in addition to the school to which your student is assigned.

Assigned schools in Jollyman, Cupertino include:

  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary School – ranked 42 of all California’s public elementary schools.
  • Sam H. Lawson Middle School – ranked 12th of California’s 2,472 public middle schools.
  • John F. Kennedy Middle School – ranked 5th of California’s middle schools.
  • Monta Vista High School – ranked 8th of the 2,044 public high schools in California.

Jollyman is also home to Legend College Preparatory high school offering several programs, including the AP Capstone Diploma Program, College and Career Readiness, STEM-Focused Math Sequence, Computer Science Sequence and others.

De Anza College is also located within the boundaries of Jollyman.


Jollyman, Cupertino shopping and dining

Most of the area’s shopping opportunities are located along Stevens Creek Blvd., between De Anza and Stelling. Here you can shop at Spouts Farmers Market, TJ Maxx, Pier One Imports and Staples and dine at Ike’s Place, Pizza Hut, Islands, Philz Coffee and more.

You’ll find additional shopping and dining along S. De Anza Blvd., including the De Anza Shopping Center.


Getting outdoors in Jollyman, Cupertino

The 11.5-acre Jollyman Park serves the recreational needs of Jollyman’s residents. Here, folks use the soccer field, baseball diamond, basketball courts, picnic areas, and playground.

Jollyman, Cupertino homes

Ranch-style homes dominate the Jollyman housing stock but you may also find some contemporary, two-story homes built over the past decade. Home prices generally start at around $1.5 million.

Homes for sale in Jollyman are hard to come by and, when listed, they sell quickly. Feel free to contact us to keep up-to-date on new listings in the area.

You’ll find the Jollyman neighborhood of Cupertino south of Stevens Creek Blvd. and north of the intersection of S. De Anza Blvd. and the 85, between S. De Anza and the 85.

You won’t find many homes for sale in Jollyman, Cupertino so when you see one you’re interested in you’ll need to act quickly. Contact us to be kept updated on the newest listings in Jollyman, Cupertino – we’re happy to help.

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