Most real estate agents and teams claim to “meet or exceed” their clients’ expectations. In our area, most also claim to be Silicon Valley “experts.” You’ll also find that it’s quite common for agents to tout that they are “reliable,” “professional,” and ace negotiators.

We realize that it’s gotten to the point where real estate consumers are positively bombarded by the same worn-out, tired, overly-sales pitch. These agents do the rest of us a disservice because, in reality, not all real estate agents are experts and not all work hard for their clients – in a nutshell, not all of us are the same.

Add to that the fact that consumers, in general, are tired of being “sold” to and it’s no wonder it’s challenging to find a real estate agent or team to represent you in the purchase or sale of a Silicon Valley home. We don’t know about you, but our eyes glaze over when we meet those overt sales pieces on agent websites.

For instance, the number one job of a listing agent is to market your home. Now, if you read the agent’s website and find the same, tired sales pitch, how can you assume that he or she won’t market your home the same way he “markets” himself? You truly can’t, nor should you.

The ArignaTeam gets it, which is why our aim is to cut through the typical clutter with fresh, innovative marketing techniques, starting with how we market ourselves. Never content to be the typical cookie-cutter real estate agents, we won’t pressure you, we won’t make promises we can’t keep and we will never, ever insult your intelligence by thinking a trite sales pitch is all it takes to win your business.

Our values include not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.

We’d like the opportunity to sit down with you and learn about your real estate needs, desires, and expectations. Then, we will be happy to share with you how we will go about fulfilling them – in plain English, sans the sales spiel and claims of greatness.

Silicon Valley residents are, overall, savvy and sophisticated with far too little free time available for a real estate agent to waste with telling you how great they are, in terms that every other agent in town uses. We’ll cut to the chase, and we believe you’ll like what you hear.

Are we experienced? You bet; we have more than 15 years of helping Silicon Valley consumers buy and sell real estate. Can we negotiate? Ask our past clients – we prefer to let them do our bragging for us.

What other agents don’t seem to realize is that not only are all real estate agents not alike, all real estate consumers are different too. What works for one may not work for another. It takes communication and the willingness to truly listen to learn these differences and to be able to work effectively to meet a clients’ goals.

We look forward to learning more about you and to help you meet success in your next Silicon Valley real estate transaction.

Gina Argina


Amit Singh


Loi Nguyen


Ann Truong

Transaction Coordinator

Achievements & Designations

KW Top Individual GCI for Northern California & Hawaii Region
Home Light Top Negotiator 2019
Keller Williams Silicon City Chairman's Club Award 2019