Buying a home is probably one of the most exciting events in a lifetime. No more sending your landlord the money to pay his or her mortgage payments, no more pet restrictions, and saying goodbye to bland, boring, vanilla walls. There’s little like the feeling of freedom that comes with home ownership.

This home is also a financial investment, though, and the purchase should be treated as such. So, let’s take off the party hats, put the champagne back on the ice and get to the “heavy lifting” aspects of buying a home in Silicon Valley.

Buying a Home, Why should you work with the ArignaTeam?

It may seem obvious, but buying a home isn’t at all like buying groceries. It’s unlike purchasing a sofa, appliances or a car as well. After all, these are items you may purchase repeatedly over the course of your lifetime.

But not a home.

This may be a once-, twice- or three-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with long stretches of time between each purchase. So, naturally, you’re not an expert on the process, nor do we expect you to be.

But, just as you hire an expert to fix your plumbing or car and to represent you in court, so should you hire expert representation when you purchase a home. After all, over the next 30 years you’ll be spending hundreds of thousands — maybe millions — of dollars to purchase the home. And, unlike a refrigerator, you can’t return a home if it doesn’t work for you. You’re stuck with it until you sell it.

So, what does the ArignaTeam have to offer?

Our long tenure in real estate has allowed us to develop unique systems and processes that streamline the transaction, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks in the process. Additionally, we offer the following to our home-buying clients:

Expert Market Knowledge: Approaching our second decade in the Silicon Valley real estate industry, we have a deep understanding of the needs of our clients. Sure, helping them to find that just-right property is important but even more critical is that our clients get that home for the right price and within their time frames.

We feel it is our duty to search daily for properties that fall within our clients’ search criteria and, by daily, we don’t mean a five-day workweek – we are on the job seven days a week and, typically, into the wee hours of each morning.

Complimentary Market Snapshot: We also regularly tour available homes so that we can get a feel for what is going on in the current market. Being able to explain market statistics to our clients, in plain English (or Vietnamese or Nepali Hindi!), is something we pride ourselves on. Our Market Snapshot is far more than an explanation of the current market, however. This report will contain alerts, in real time, of new listings for sale, information about homes that have received offers, sold or canceled listings.

As a bonus, the Market Snapshot is full of valuable information that our buying clients crave, such as information about local schools, specific neighborhood amenities, and their walk scores.

You’ll receive the Snapshot via email so that you can read it at your leisure and, if you have questions or are interested in a property highlighted within the report, you can get answers and information at the click of a button.

Access to Keller Williams Connections: Keller Williams Realty is an international real estate franchise with headquarters in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1983 the Keller Williams brand is now with 700 offices and 125,000 associates worldwide. An Inc. 5000 company, Keller Williams is one of the highest-rated real estate firms and franchises on earth.

So, what does this mean to you as an ArignaTeam buying client in Silicon Valley?

You, through us, have access to a vast network of listing agents – agents who quite frequently have the perfect home for our clients and we hear about it first, before it goes into the Multiple Listing Database.

Expert Negotiation and Offer Presentation: Buying a home is an intricate process, most especially in our Silicon Valley market where multiple offers on a property are often the norm.

While we aren’t financial professionals, we do have the knowledge and experience required to work with our buying clients to understand their specific circumstances and financial situation before making an offer.

We will have a detailed negotiation and offer strategy discussion to make the offer more favorable. Understanding the seller’s needs and concerns, by effectively communicating with the listing agent and drafting the purchase contract accordingly, has been a winning formula for our clients. These are skill sets that are acquired over time and sadly lacking in part-time and new real estate agents. Our success in assisting many buyers to get the dream home they love speaks for itself.

Agent Availability and Responsiveness: One of the first things you will notice about the ArignaTeam is something we take great pride in – our responsiveness. Whether you prefer to communicate by phone, text or email, we are available seven days a week and, yes, 24 hours a day. No homebuyer should be forced to wait for an unresponsive real estate agent and no homebuyer should ever lose out on the home of his or her dreams because an agent was too busy to call back.

Unless it’s 2 a.m., you can expect a callback, email or text response within one hour.

Post Home-Purchasing Assistance: Over the years, the ArignaTeam has built a network of associates that are the best at their crafts. From painters, roofers, and electricians, to landscapers, house cleaners, and movers, you will receive preferred pricing when working with one of our associates.

Finally, we hope you will enjoy and put to good use the home improvement gift card you will receive as our housewarming gift to you.

Now, where did we put those party hats? Contact Us Today!