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Your Role While The Home Is On the Market

No, your job isn’t easy; the two main tasks may cause some inconvenience. It’s inherent in the process, however. You’ll need to keep the home clean and be as accommodating as possible when buyers want to tour the home.

Since buyers have jobs too, weekends and evenings are popular times to look at homes. This may mean having to leave the home on a Sunday afternoon so that an agent can show it to her client.

Showings don’t typically take a lot of time, so pick a spot to spend a half hour over a cup of coffee and your laptop, or plan on piling the kids and dog into the car and heading to the park.

You will also want to consider any valuables you have in the home and take measures to protect them. Lock away anything of value, including cash, coin collections, prescription medications and firearms.

Finally, you’ll need to coordinate the home and pest inspections and the appraisal so that they fit your schedule.